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SERVICE is very important to Hako Bau. Everything for the construction site.

Construction repair

The service has always occupied a special position at Hako Bau. At Hako Bau you will find comprehensive customer service with first-class performance and reliable spare parts supply. Hako Bau buys, sells and rents construction equipment of all kinds. The fast availability of lending machines and the timely repair have already saved a lot of construction projects. In addition, the predictable repair costs, the exact analysis of the damage and the targeted repair give you economic security. The well-equipped workshop and service trolley ensure a smooth process and a quick repair of all makes.


Construction machinery buying and processing

Hako Bau looks for and finds machines for its customers all over the world. After the purchase or the purchase, you take care of transport, customs, export, import, etc. When the machines arrive, they are usually completely disassembled and rebuilt before they come in the rental or sale. Over the years, it has also become a specialist in crushing plants. Many of these devices are needed at short notice for just one cancellation job. However, the facilities often go into the long-term rental for contractors or long-term construction projects. In the field of tunnel equipment, everything has already been on the farm from the tunnel locomotive to the special drilling machine. Again, the machines were completely redesigned and prepared. Many mines and tunnels in the world are working with machines from Hako Bau. So recently went to Vietnam and China, but also to Romania and Dubai. You will find Hako Bau in an autobahn close location in the middle of Germany in Hessisch Oldendorf.


Construction Engine rentals

Hako Bau has traditionally been a hub for anyone involved in compressed air. Hako Bau has been regarded as an absolute specialist for years when it comes to questions about compressed air. Hako Bau currently has over 25 compressors of 2.6 m3 / min. - 7 bar up to 27 m3 / min. - 25 bar in the rental park. In addition, all blasting materials, hoses, couplings, etc. In addition, the newest and absolute highlight is now mobile, oil-free compressors. Apart from compressors you will find in the rental park but also other tools and machines, both for private and commercial use. From the vibrating plate to the crushing plant, you can borrow almost everything that is needed on the construction site in Hessisch-Oldendorf. Mini diggers and wheel loaders as well as a complete crane. Of course you always get good advice from Hako Bau, as well as the certainty that you will not be alone with any problems.