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About us

Hako Bau was founded in Hannover in 1967 by Harald Fürhölter, the father of the current managing director Lars Fürhölter. Hanover was even then chosen because of its central location and highway proximity. Harald Fürhölter started trading, servicing and repairing compressors and pneumatic tools. Therefore the company name HAnnover KOmpressoren BAU!

The address ³ Hanover - at Fuhrenkampe² quickly became a starting point for all those who had to deal with compressed air. Hako Bau became the absolute specialist for all questions concerning compressed air. The rental business was quickly added to the trade. Today, Hako Bau has over 25 compressors of 2.6 m3 / min. - 7 bar up to 27 m3 / min. - 25 bar in the rental park.

In addition, there are compressed air tools in all sizes and designs as well as blasting materials, hoses, couplings, etc. Responsible for the range compressed air tools and compressors is Friedhelm Diekmann.

Since 1999, Hako Bau in Hanover has been increasingly looking after the construction machinery business. Hako Bau markets more than 100 construction machines every year - from the vibrating plate to the crushing plant or the tunnel special equipment. Hako Bau looks for and finds machines for its customers all over the world. After the purchase, you take care of transport, customs, export, import etc. Once the machines have arrived in Germany, they are usually completely disassembled and rebuilt before they come in the rental or sale. Customers for these machines are usually specialized companies from Germany and abroad. Over the years, it has also become a specialist in crushing plants. Many of these devices are needed for demolition at short notice. However, the facilities often go into the long-term rental for contractors or long-term construction projects. In the field of tunnel equipment, everything from the tunnel locomotive to the special drilling machine has already been on the farm. Again, the machines were completely redesigned and prepared. In many mines and tunnels of this world is worked with machines from Hanover. So recently went to Vietnam and China but also to Romania and Dubai.

Karl-Heinrich Gabsch and Lars Fürhölter are responsible for the marketing of construction machinery and special equipment.

Worth mentioning is also the cooperation with the industrial council Hamburg. The Industrierat is a publicly appointed auction house dealing with the realization of fixed and current assets as well as intangible assets. Both the purchase and sale, the auctions of the Industrierats an ideal marketplace. In recent years, the Internet has become more and more of an important hub. Here, too, Hako Bau was one of the industry's first own homepages. Today the site www.hako-bau.de is a competent and important source of information for all who are directly or indirectly involved in construction machinery or compressed air.